Lab Autoclaves and Sterilizers

Autoclaves in the Laboratory

Astell Inc represents Astell Scientific products in North America. Astell manufactures and distributes a diverse range of steam sterilizers, autoclaves, steam generators, and EDS Systems globally.

With our manufacturing flexibility and vast engineering experience in custom design configurations (as well as custom process cycles) we are able to offer laboratory specific sterilizers to meet almost any application requirements; from a traditional Microbiology lab to a complex Bio-Safety Laboratory.

Astell Scientific has been a pioneer in Sterilization technology since 1884, and with our North American operation in full gear we support the US market place with local expertise in sterilization applications, sales, installation, service, and consultation.

Consecutive Cycle Autoclaves

Product Testing in Autoclave

Consecutive Cycle Steam Sterilization in simple terms, involves exposing the load or product to a steam sterilization process repeatedly in order to test the product for durability, degradation and reliability. This simulates in a very short time the conditions that a product may be put under over several years of sterilization processes; allowing manufacturers to not only test, develop and improve their products, but also provide lifecycle data to governmental bodies for medical device submissions.

Astell autoclaves allow the user to set the temperature and time for a specific cycle and run this cycle as many times as is required, while also allowing the test technician to predetermine the sterilization stages involved, and their duration.

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Touch Screens for Laboratories

Color Touch Screen

All Astell autoclaves, Steam Generators and Effluent Decontamination systems (EDS) incorporate the latest innovations in PLC control system technology, providing color touchscreen controllers as standard throughout the equipment range. The Logi control color touch screen system is advanced in sterilization control technology, bringing together years of unrivalled experience, to produce a user friendly, fully automatic consistent control system, meeting and exceeding the expectations of the most demanding complex laboratories and sterilization processes.

The PLC controller with a large wipe clean touch screen was developed by Astell for the precision control and efficiency of all our equipment. Explore our website to learn more of our capabilities as well as contact us for a personal discussion of your application requirements.