Custom autoclaves

What is Consecutive Steam Sterilization Testing?

Consecutive Cycle Steam Sterilization in simple terms, involves exposing the load or product to a steam sterilization process repeatedly in order to test the product for durability, degradation and reliability. This simulates in a very short time the conditions that a product may be put under over several years of sterilization processes; allowing manufacturers to not only test, develop and improve their products, but also provide lifecycle data to governmental bodies for medical device submissions.

To give an example of this, a company may develop a reusable product used in a healthcare environment (i.e. dental pieces, materials and or surgical instrument) that will require steam sterilization between procedures. If the product is ‘lifecycle tested’ by subjecting it to heat, moisture and pressure in one of our autoclaves under the duress of consecutive cycles, the manufacturer can see the effect of repeated steam sterilization processes on their products in a shorter time period.

Astell autoclaves allow the user to set the temperature and time for a specific cycle and run this cycle as many times as is required, while also allowing the test technician to predetermine the sterilization stages involved, and their duration. By offering a flexible cycle program, we are able to provide autoclaves that can easily be customized to your exact application requirements for consecutive cycle steam sterilization.

Testing purposes include:

  • Medical Device Testing

  • Lifecycle Testing

  • Material Compatibility and Destruction Testing

  • Reliability Testing

Life Cycle Testing of Medical Devices shall comply with the recommendations of AAMI and ISO Standards as well as the FDA Guidance Document. For more information please Contact Us.