Custom Configuration Case Studies

Astell Inc are able to manufacture a wide range of our autoclaves to match the exact design specifications required by our customers. Below are a few of the projects we have dealt with recently to illustrate how flexible we are with our product design.

Example One: 3rd Party Product Integration

With our ability to provide custom autoclave designs, we can meet most design specifications and customer application requirements. A good example of this is our Biosafety designed pass through autoclave, interfaced to a Class III BSC/Glovebox. This autoclave design meets the design specification requirements developed by the Architecture and Engineering firm in conjunction with the various end users. Special attention to high containment design, water usage, effluent decontamination and integration are key to successfully passing the required gas tightness test for the Biosafety environment. This is just one example of how Astell Inc can interface their products with other manufacturers units.

Example Two: Product Alterations

One of our customers already had 2 old small Astell autoclaves, but was looking for 2 new units to be fitted in an area where space was limited. They provided us with technical drawings of the room and after a site visit we advised them on the largest machines they could fit into the space that best suited their budget. The customer also had 20 existing morrison discard containers they wanted to keep and use. With all this information in mind, we produced technical diagrams showing the best way to use the space and seal the units into the wall to create the "plant room" the customer required.

By switching from hinged doors to an automatic sliding door system and using square chambers instead of circular, we were able to manufacture and install a system that has vastly improved the throughput of the site whilst at the same time creating our chamber to dimensions that maximised the number of morrison discard containers that could be sterilized.

Example Three: Architectural Changes

One of our customers placed an order for two standard 360 litre autoclaves to be installed through a wall and into a maintenance room. Once the customer had placed the order, there was an unforeseen architectural change to the building, meaning that one of the autoclaves had to be moved nearer to a support wall, therefore restricting future access to one side of the machine. To get around this problem, we designed and built the machine with access totally on one side, moving all the major internal components to one side of the machine for future servicing, whilst also moving the controller to the opposite side for easier access.

Autocave with Glovebox
Large Capacity Autoclave
Autoclaves and plant room