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Astell E Series

Economy Range

U-MNS125E (125l)

U-MNS216E (216l)

U-MNS250E (250l)

U-MNS360E (360l)

Economy Range 125 - 360 Litre Models (Heaters in Chamber)

The Economy Range of autoclaves is designed using high quality materials and includes all the safety features and advanced user controls you would expect to find on any of our other units, but at a much lower price than a conventional square chambered autoclave.

With a selectable temperature range of 110°C (219°F) to 135°C (275°F), they are particularly suited for the decontamination and sterilization of typical laboratory products. Applications include the sterilization of:

  • Liquids in unsealed open containers

  • Waste (Discard)

  • Glassware & plastics

The Astell Scientific ‘E-Range’ has been designed to bridge the gap between circular chamber autoclaves and the high end square chamber autoclaves that Astell Inc. offer. The E-Range still features all the extras you would expect from an Astell autoclave, including our 5.7" full color touchscreen and multiple programs for sterilizing as well as our modern design that fits in well in the modern laboratory.

This cost effective range has been designed with simplicity and economy in mind, but with additional options can also be upgraded to offer greater ease of use. The standard model includes:

  • Easy to use color touch screen PLC controller

  • Temperature in degrees Celsius/Fahrenheit

  • Pressure in PSI or Bar

  • Delayed start/media holdwarm feature

  • Emergency stop button

  • Chamber pressure gauges

  • Internal base shelf

  • Manual door

  • 50+ programmable cycles

This range is manually filled with water, covering the heating elements to the required level. At the end of the cycle the user then tops up the water supply before the next cycle. Optional extras are available to automatically top up (Autofill option, Part No. AAP019) and automatically drain the chamber at the end of the cycle, thus reducing cooling times (Autodrain option, Part No. AAP018).

Economy Range Autoclave


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