Custom autoclaves
Custom autoclaves
Custom autoclaves

Decades of experience, with YOU at the center of our designs.

Over the years, we have built thousands of autoclaves and sterilizers, placing them worldwide. Whilst we offer a large range of reliable standard products, we also pride ourselves in our ability to offer you a system to meet your application requirements.

Whether this is something as simple as needing the sterilizer to fit in a tight space, or as comprehensive as us looking at site diagrams to suggest the largest autoclave you can fit into a given area; or even if you are sterilizing something unusual and you need our advice on the best solution - you can be sure that you are in safe hands with Astell Inc.

Some of the configurable aspects of our products include:

  • Chamber Sizes: Choose from our range of sterilizers from 33 - 3,000 litres

  • Vessel Type: Circular or Square chambers to meet your load configuration.

  • Door Type: Single or Double door (pass through) designs with powered or manual doors*
    (*size limits apply to manual doors. Manual doors are not available on double door units)

  • Orientation: Hinged, Horizontal Sliding or Vertical Sliding door openings are available based on the size of the autoclave.

  • Processing Capacity: We offer small to large capacity units, as well as the ability to have 2 autoclaves, one on top of the other in the same frame. This is useful in situations where there is a time delay between different batches being loaded into the machine. Similarly if a facility requires a staggered throughput (and/or redundancy) we can advise on the most efficient and cost effective approach.

  • Process Cycles Include: Vacuum, Liquid, Free Steaming Gravity, Low Temperature, Leak Test, Bio-hazardous Waste and Customized Cycles. Whatever your application requirements are, Astell can be your partner in developing the correct sterilization solution.

For more information, please contact us today via our Contact page, or simply make a call and we will be happy to help you.